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Chocolate Bars, Candy bars, whatever you want to call them - we all have our favourites. What's yours?

We have a temporary addition to our family this month. A return visitor from Germany. On this visit he came armed with a bagful of delicious German treats such as Kinder and Milka bars (which were VERY well received by the kiddies! ) … And it got us talking about one of […]

Looking for something new to motivate you to get out of bed...?



What better, in the middle of this frosty winter, than these super yummy (and sensationally healthy!) Salted Caramel Steel Cut Oats?

So, how are these different to regular oats I hear you ask?

Well, Steel Cut Oats are the least processed of all types of oats and have the lowest […]

Chocolate, Raspberries, Protein and Chia Seeds - What's NOT to love???

There’s a lot to love about these Chocolate & Raspberry Protein muffins. Besides their abundant nutritional benefits, including a nice hit of protein, these muffins make an excellent (and VERY motivating!) post-workout treat. They travel very well from fridge/freezer to gym bag and make a nice filling afternoon snack too.

But, after dark… these […]

Brownies that tick all the boxes! … NO gluten, dairy, refined sugar, eggs, or animal products!

… You can even leave out the nuts!

I am constantly receiving recipe requests for people with allergies, or simply for those who have made lifestyle choices such as eating Sugar Free, or Vegan or Paleo. Well this might just be a treat that pleases just about everyone … and those with nut allergies […]

Clean Eating Pie? .... OH MY!!!

How does that expression go? “Necessity is the mother of invention?” … Well that pretty much sums up how this latest pie incarnation came to be.

I was re-testing an old recipe of mine both for quality control purposes and to add Thermomix directions (I’m slowly getting through them all…!), and I realised that […]

Vanilla Slice - This iconic Aussie favourite can finally be taken off the banned list!!

One really cool thing about committing to a lifestyle change like cutting out sugar, is that you find yourself craving the sweet stuff less and less. But for me, there are definitely still those moments when the need to indulge in something sweet hits hard … Studying definitely seems to be one of those […]

Like Tahini? ... Well 'Halva' Look At THIS!

Like many Greek kids, I spent many a childhood weekend helping out my dad in his shop. He had Delis mostly, which probably explains my fondness for beautiful cheeses and small-goods. But, as a little girl, the one thing I would get really excited about was that delicious sweet treat in the deli cabinet […]

Individual Cheesecakes with Seasonal Fruit and Gooey Chocolate - My secret weapon in beating those sneaky sweet cravings!

There are so many little catch phrases that I’ve come across during my fitness journey ( I think it could be an Instructor thing?!?!), but one my favourites comes from fellow instructor/personal trainer/ mentor Patti O’Hara – AKA Fit Diva ( … “Fail to Plan – Plan to Fail!”

Yes, I certainly do have […]

When you hear BEANS what do you think of...?

Ok, besides that! Maybe tuna? Maybe stew? … What about cakes and muffins? I saw a cake recipe a couple of years ago using canned beans in place of flour and was veeery dubious. How could beans possibly have any place in baking? The result was SOOO surprisingly good that I was converted on […]

Ooey Gooey Flowing Caramel ... Without that icky feeling afterwards!

A while back a friend of mine asked for a clean caramel slice. Given that my old favourite recipe (that I’ve been making since the age of 10!) is full of ingredients like condensed milk, golden syrup, sugar and copha (eeeew!), this was going to be quite a challenge.

I’ve since made “caramel” slices […]