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Chocolate Bars, Candy bars, whatever you want to call them - we all have our favourites. What's yours?

We have a temporary addition to our family this month. A return visitor from Germany. On this visit he came armed with a bagful of delicious German treats such as Kinder and Milka bars (which were VERY well received by the kiddies! ) … And it got us talking about one of […]

Looking for something new to motivate you to get out of bed...?



What better, in the middle of this frosty winter, than these super yummy (and sensationally healthy!) Salted Caramel Steel Cut Oats?

So, how are these different to regular oats I hear you ask?

Well, Steel Cut Oats are the least processed of all types of oats and have the lowest […]

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps … Because DIET is my least favourite four-letter-word!

I just love cookbooks… And while I have a collection that rivals most bookshops I still find myself bringing them home with the shopping for my next bit of inspiration.

A cookbook I picked up the other day was actually from a Vinnies store… It was an old Women’s Weekly mini cookbook called “Skinny […]

Chocolate, Raspberries, Protein and Chia Seeds - What's NOT to love???

There’s a lot to love about these Chocolate & Raspberry Protein muffins. Besides their abundant nutritional benefits, including a nice hit of protein, these muffins make an excellent (and VERY motivating!) post-workout treat. They travel very well from fridge/freezer to gym bag and make a nice filling afternoon snack too.

But, after dark… these […]

Brownies that tick all the boxes! … NO gluten, dairy, refined sugar, eggs, or animal products!

… You can even leave out the nuts!

I am constantly receiving recipe requests for people with allergies, or simply for those who have made lifestyle choices such as eating Sugar Free, or Vegan or Paleo. Well this might just be a treat that pleases just about everyone … and those with nut allergies […]

Mutts's Nuts Salad? Well, it IS according to Hubbie ;-)



Home … And hungry!

On our way back into Melbourne we found some lovely lamb backstrap. Add only a few ingredients along with some of our favourite “mutt’s nuts” dressing (my hubbie gave it this name when I first started making it couple of years ago!) and you have a super […]

Smoked Garlic, Mushroom & Antipasto-Stuffed Chicken Breasts - *Gluten Free, Low Carb, Egg Free, Nut Free, Grain Free Option

You will often hear me banging on about the importance of getting out of your comfort zone but I’ve gotta tell you, between battling with the trickle fed internet connection we have out here in rural NSW and the challenges of navigating my way around my husbands MAC (aaaahhhh new technology!) … I’ve gotta […]

Mountelloni - now featuring an amazing chunky homemade tomato sauce (my first ever Thermomix recipe!)

This recipe has actually featured on my website for a while but when I made these yesterday, I made a couple of changes and they turned out better than ever!

First and foremost, the sauce! Until now I’ve used mainly store-bought tomato sauces in dishes like these to keep things fast and easy – […]

Protein Amazebars * Low Carb, Gluten-Free PLUS Dairy Free & Nut Free Options

This would have to be my most popular recipe to date – How awesome is it that its also one of the quickest ans easiest to make?!?!

A good food processor is key here and while I can highly recommend a Thermomix or similar here, just about any food processor will do the job […]

Food Processor Salads - The ultimate convenience meal!

Some of my recipes are a real labour of love, involving a lot of research, testing, and thought in general. Others just happen. This is one of the those recipes.

I couldn’t even count the number of times I have arrived home from the gym absolutely starving. In many cases I’ve reached the point […]