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Chocolate Bars, Candy bars, whatever you want to call them - we all have our favourites. What's yours?

We have a temporary addition to our family this month. A return visitor from Germany. On this visit he came armed with a bagful of delicious German treats such as Kinder and Milka bars (which were VERY well received by the kiddies! ) … And it got us talking about one of […]

Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps … Because DIET is my least favourite four-letter-word!

I just love cookbooks… And while I have a collection that rivals most bookshops I still find myself bringing them home with the shopping for my next bit of inspiration.

A cookbook I picked up the other day was actually from a Vinnies store… It was an old Women’s Weekly mini cookbook called “Skinny […]

I've made plenty of curries in my time, but this is definitely one of the best yet!

I’ve made plenty of curries in my time, but this is definitely one of the best yet!

Usually, I top my curries with pickles & chutneys for some extra heat and flavour – But this creamy, delicate Beef & Eggplant Coconut Curry has flavours that are just too good to mask. All I added […]

How to turn those free cumquats (or 20c worth of oranges) into a Cake that tastes a million bucks!

So technical issues have meant this recipe has been a little late in posting … But that delay had allowed me to do some experimenting with a variation on this recipe – Flourless Orange Cake – which seemed absolutely necessary in light of the fact that; A) You wont find a cumquat tree covered […]

Baby, it's cold outside ...

… And I know that means those comfort food cravings are well and truly kicking in (And that motivation to exercise is erm … starting to slip away???)

So here’s a thought … Get yourself to the gym and come home to one of these little beauties!

Comfort food doesn’t have to be your […]